2013 Gonzaga DC Classic


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  Friday Dec 13, 2013 @ Gonzaga's Carmody Center


     Game 1 (3:15 PM)              John Carroll (MD) vs. Cesar Chavez (DC)    posted                      

     Game 2 (5:00 PM)              Gonzaga (DC) vs, Lafayette (KY)                posted 

     Game 3 (6:45 PM)              Archbishop Molloy (NY) vs. Calvin Coolidge (DC)      posted                  

     Game 4 (8:30 PM)              Mount St. Joseph (Baltimore) vs. Herndon (VA) posted



  Saturday Dec 14, 2013 @ Bender Arena American University


     Game 5  (3:15 PM)            John Carroll (MD) vs Gonzaga (DC) not yet posted 

     Game 6  (5:00 PM)            Coolidge (DC) vs Herndon (VA)     not yet posted                       

     Game 7  (6:45 PM)            Cesar Chavez (DC) vs Lafayette (KY)   not yet posted       

     Game 8  (8:30 PM)             Archbishop Molloy (NY) vs Mount St Joseph (MD) not yet posted 



  Sunday Dec 15, 2013 @ Bender Arena American University


     Game   9  (1:00 PM)       Herndon (VA) vs John Carroll (MD   not yet posted

     Game 10  (3:15 PM)           Lafayette (KY) vs Archbishop Molloy (NY) not yet posted 

Game 11  (5:00 PM)          Coolidge (DC) vs Gonzaga (DC) not yet posted 

     Game 12  (6:45 PM)         Cezar Chavez (DC) vs Mount St Joseph (MD) not posted yet



  Other Memorable Shots 


     White House Tour   best are posted possibly more to come

John McLaughlin Recognition - posted    

Honor Guard Flag Ceremonies 

     Mike Kelleher Scholar-Athlete Award

     Pedro Arupe Award  

     Team and Player Tournament Awards

     Committee Group Photos   

Molloy Dancers Friday posted 

Molloy Dancers Saturday not yet posted 

Molloy Dancers Friday not yet posted 


     CYO Halftime Game 1 - Sunday -

     CYO Halftime Game 2 - Sunday -




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